Difference Between Warranty and Guarantee


Difference Between Warranty and Guarantee is

A warranty is Nothing But written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time.

Lifetime warranty:-

A lifetime warranty is usually a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship that has no time limit to make a claim, rather than a warranty that the product will perform for the lifetime of the buyer

Extended warranty:-

Extended and date of purchase warranty management company. Its warranties are available at authorized retailers and cover repairs and labor for three, five or seven years. Protection Place is an online electronics extended warranty retailer


A formal assurance (typically in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be repaired or replaced if not of a specified quality.


Normally a guarantee is provided by manufacturer while the warranty is provided by the end retailers who sell the products to the customers.

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